Monday, 21 November 2011


At this point, I can't really say I'm living life to the fullest. 'Cause if I do, I wouldn't be coming home to my parents every weekend and they wouldn't let me either. But most of the days in the past years that I come to recognize the joy of doing things that I like and doing some of those with some people completely in shadows was indeed a hell of an amazing adventure. I realized that I can't make everyone understand some of the ideals I carry with me, but I can't put myself to stop just because they don't like a thing or two of those ideals- otherwise, I'm just fooling myself. Now that I'm 24 and still playing a fair trade of the game, I'm glad to have learned new ways in life and somehow gradually making people understand what I do. 

My first portraits as a 24 year old woman. 


  1. Actually the realization that we haven't lived our lives to the fullest is a perpetual struggle that we have to live with. In a sense that could be assumed as the reason why all religious systems try to explain that struggle in terms of reincarnation to which it may actually take more than our lifetimes for us to truly live and ultimately know ourselves. Another is the Jude-Christian understanding of what theologians call as 'Christlikeness' to which the Christian frames his/herself as being part of a journey to which the goal is to be fully human in Christ. But whatever stance one would take it is somewhat always a question of 'authenticity' as Heidegger puts it. Being confronted with the challenge of authenticity does not allow to us live frivolously, because it compels us to focus on realizable possibilities, to which the ordinary and everyday decisions makes us better understand ourselves and how we exist in the world during our normal everyday lives and hopefully help us live it a bit closer to its fullest.

  2. you are one hell of a 24 year old woman, i can give you that! \m/

    "This is the spirit of struggle and sacrifice
    Don't believe their shit
    They promise only lies
    Find a sense of pride
    You made it this far
    All I have I fucking earned"
    -The Struggle/Terror
    from Keepers of The Faith album