Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Dejado was formed in 2005-a Manila-based rock group with members: Nojo Gamara (vocals) Domeng Dalisay (guitar) Migs Gamara (bass) with line-up changes on drums, finally came Marlon Caacbay. Their strong and progressive song writing style has a feel from local rock artists such as The Jerks, The Brew and other 90's Pinoy rock icons along with foreign acts such as Incubus, Redhot Chili Peppers and other known blues and jazz players as their influences. They started out with heavy inclination for funk melodic style which in the latter years had been remarkably fused with soulful rhythm of blues and jazz.

Each member then gave new distinct approaches on their recent songs like "From Within", "Falling Pieces" and "Away We Go,"  adding their  growing appreciation for rawness as well- with Domeng's gritty texture on overdrive defined by lingering delays, Marlon's creative drum patterns and Migs's steady funk bass lines shaped by Nojo's powerful lyrics and  vocal character. The band has been featured on several musical events including scenes from Northern and Southern regions and has also entered internet radio guesting at UR Faceradio. With an increasing interest from various listeners, we expect to see and hear more of this band giving us a new taste of blues, jazz, funk and rock fused and continuously evolving as they are now preparing to record their songs.....soon!

Photos taken at Ayuyang Resto Bar, Baguio City

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